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Boulder Dash for Intellivision
For Immediate Release
Best Selling, Action-Puzzle Classic Finally Available On Retro Hardware After 30 Years!
NEW YORK, MARCH 18, 2015 - Dig your way through the original caves of the legendary, best selling, action puzzler, Boulder Dash®, now available for Intellivision.
Guide Rockford™ through 16 scrolling caves and 4 bonus caves (with 5 difficulty settings) in the classic, original, multi-million unit selling Boulder Dash, created by Peter Liepa with Chris Gray, as you try to avoid deadly fireflies, butterflies and falling boulders in a race against time to clear a path, collect valuable diamonds, open and find the exit. But, be careful not to let Rockford become trapped. Surround the growing amoeba, use magic walls or drop boulders on butterflies to create even more diamonds!
The Intellivision port is co-published by First Star Software, Inc. and Classic Game Publishers, Inc./Elektronite; and, was programmed by Scott Nudds. A limited number of serial numbered cartridges are now available from Naber Hood Games for USD $70 at
The original publisher and owner of the Boulder Dash brand and all related intellectual property rights, First Star Software, Inc. first released Boulder Dash for the Atari 400/800 and Commodore 64 home computers in 1984. Last year, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Boulder Dash, First Star Software, Inc. joined with Peter Liepa and Chris Gray, to develop Boulder Dash®-30th Anniversary™ which is available for Android and iOS SmartPhones and Tablets.
As part of the 30th anniversary celebrations, Classic Game Publishers, Inc./Elektronite; and First Star Software, Inc. previewed the Intellivision version of Boulder Dash at the Classic Game Expo in Las Vegas, September 12th – 14th , 2014 where the game was very well received.
Richard M. Spitalny, First Star Software’s co-founder and president noted: “From the outset, after William approached us about porting the game to Intellivision we’ve all worked hard to create a quality product, for collectors and retro gamers, that successfully defies the limitations of the hardware, largely due to the efforts and skill of Scott.”
William Moeller, Classic Games Publisher’s president said: “We at Classic Game Publishers, Inc. are pleased to be co-publishing a world renowned franchise with First Star Software. By producing entirely new, professional quality product for a classic video game system that is no longer in production, we are breaking new ground. We are excited to be partnering with a software publisher that has been around since virtually the beginning!"
About First Star Software, Inc.
Founded in 1982, First Star Software, Inc. develops, licenses and publishes games across all platforms including SmartPhones, Tablets, hand-held devices, home computers and next generation consoles. Creators of numerous best selling and award winning video game titles including the Boulder Dash® and SPY vs. SPY series of games, millions of units of each series have been sold throughout the world. A privately held corporation, it is one of a very few surviving publishers from the early 1980’s that are run by the original founders. For more information please visit
About Classic Game Publishers, Inc./Elektronite
Classic Game Publishers, Inc. was formed in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 2012 with a goal of publishing NEW games for defunct video game systems. Classic Game Publishers, Inc. teamed up with Elektronite shortly after forming. Elektronite is a third party Intellivision video game brand that was founded in 2005 in Italy to foster development of new games for the classic Intellivision video game system. Boulder Dash® is the eighth game published by Classic Game Publishers, Inc. under its Elektronite brand.
Legal Notices
Boulder Dash® is a registered trademark of FIRST STAR SOFTWARE, INC. The name and likeness of Rockford™ is a trademark of FIRST STAR SOFTWARE, INC. Copyright © 1984-2015 FIRST STAR SOFTWARE, INC. All rights reserved. The original Boulder Dash was created by Peter Liepa with Chris Gray. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Elektronite is a trademark of Classic Game Publishers, Inc. Intellivision is a registered trademark of Intellivision Productions, Inc.
Intellivison Productions, Inc. does not endorse Elektronite products.
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