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Paddle Party disponibile per Intellivision
Elektronite and Classic Game Publishers, is pleased
to announce the release of its 5th Complete in Box game, Paddle Party!

Relive the late 1970s when TV Tennis was king!

Play the computer in five different paddle themed games, or invite a
friend over to your 'Rec room' for some head to head TV Tennis
competition! If you don't have a 'Rec room', don't worry! Paddle Party's
Air Hockey table recreates this fast paced game! Once you've had enough
Air Hockey, get in your virtual bumper cars for a wild game of Handball
Smash! And, finally blast off into space in your TV Tennis space ship
for some competition...or, is that co-operation? Don't hit the meteors
during your match or it is GAME OVER! You've never played a video game
like this before!

The cartridge stickers have been printed. The overlays have been
printed. The box is being printed the last week of October, and the
Manual is ready and being sent to the printer tomorrow.

The release
candidate will be ready shortly and ready for testing on real hardware.
If no bugs are found, manufacturing will commence the first week of
November. The game will be serial numbered.

The game will initially be available and on sale for early adopters. 2
copies will be sold for $100. People who wish to wait will be able to
buy single copies for $70 per copy starting January 1, 2014.


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