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NFL Football
Mattel Electronics
Title: NFL Football
Brand: Mattel Electronics
Part Number: 2610
Alternate titles : Football
Development status: Published
Year of publishing: 1980
Developers: Ken Smith, Kevin Miller, Glyn Anderson
The whistle blows! The crowd roars! The two teams sprint onto the field and line up for the opening kickoff. Your ball, first and ten on the twenty yard line. Will you grind out the yardage on the ground...or risk a long bomb for a quick score? You and your opponent can choose from over 180 offensive and defensive plays -- so it's as much a game of strategy as execution. Two full halves of fun. With all the refinements of passing, punting, end runs and razzle-dazzles. The computer keeps track of time and score, and the crowd lets you know what it thinks of your performance. Two players. Call realistic offensive and defensive plays. Scoreboard monitors downs, yards to go, time outs, time remaining, and score. [Description courtesy of Blue Sky Rangers]
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