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Hover Force
Title: Hover Force
Brand: INTV
Part Number: 8500
Alternate titles : Hover Force 3-D
Development status: Published
Year of publishing: 1986
Developers: Steve Ettinger, Joe Ferreira King, David Warhol
TO: HOVER FORCE PILOTS. FROM: COL. N.K. NEWCOMBE. RE: MISSION INSTRUCTIONS. Terrorist helicopter forces have taken over the island city of New Seeburg. Luckily, civilians have been evacuated from the city, but the enemy is causing millions of dollars in damage. Fires are burning out of control throughout the island. We're sending you in with a heavily armed combat helicopter. Your assignment: Use RADAR SCREEN to spot and track the enemy! Use LASER CANNONS to blast enemy copters out of the sky! Use WATER CANNONS to put out fires from mid-air! Cover hundreds of square miles ridding the city of terrorists and fires for highest RATING. Aim carefully! [Description courtesy of Blue Sky Rangers]
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