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Title: Scarfinger
Brand: Mattel Electronics
Part Number: -
Alternate titles : -
Development status: Unfinished
Year of publishing: -
Developers: Barcay & Burt, Bob del Principe, Sam Zalan
Well, I'll just give a brief rundown on the situation so that you can appreciate how serious things are." The head of intelligence seems ill at ease, the first time you can remember his icy control wavering. "The last two agents we sent on this mission -- well, they didn't come back, and you're the only one we have left for the job now. You know about Mr. Andreas Skarfos, alias 'Scarfinger,' of course, and I needn't dwell on the number of times we've run into him before, but this time is different. "He's seized an island in the Mediterranean and set up a fortress there, equipped with the most sophisticated defenses. He has a number of missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads to any part of the globe, and unless we answer his demands he will destroy us; only nine minutes are required to arm and launch the warheads. [Description courtesy of Blue Sky Rangers]
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