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Body Slam: Super Pro Wrestling
Title: Body Slam: Super Pro Wrestling
Brand: INTV
Part Number: 9009
Alternate titles : -
Development status: Published
Year of publishing: 1988
Developers: Steve Ettinger, Connie Goldman, David Warhol, Steve Huston
All right you creeps - this is the one you've been waitin' for - Body Slam!!! - the roughest, fastest, wiiiiiildest game ever! Climb in the ring with one of the toughest, craziest animals in the whole world - like Jach Hammer, Baron Von Thud, and Dr. Pain!! They look pretty funny, huh? Well, ha ha ha - they want to tear your laughin' head off! Whatsa matter - am I scaring you???!!! C'mon - you can learn the moves: the head butt (ooooo!!!) - the bazooka punch (boom!!!) - the spin heave (heeeeee's outta here!!!!) - Anything Goes!!!!! [Description courtesy of Blue Sky Rangers]
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