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Mattel Electronics
Title: Tennis
Brand: Mattel Electronics
Part Number: 1814
Alternate titles : -
Development status: Published
Year of publishing: 1980
Developers: Gavin Claypool
Thunk! You send a screaming serve across the net. Your opponent races to intercept it and returns a lofty lob into your deep backcourt. You get to it in time to send a smashing ground shot just out of reach of your opponent's outstretched racquet. Play an entire three set match, and each game will be different and exciting. You control ball placement, velocity and strategy. And it's a game of wits as well as of dexterity. Even the crowd gets in the act by turning their heads to follow the ball -- and cheering at just the right time. Two players. Full three set matches. Control ball velocity and placement. [Description courtesy of Blue Sky Rangers]
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