Intellivision World

An ever evolving world

Intellivision means not just glorious past, but present and future: emulators and resources for Intellivision programming help keep alive Mattel system.

Official Intellivision FAQ
The latest release of the Official Intellivision Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by David Haley.
Web sites, newsgoups and forums, webrings and everything dedicated to Intellivision, available on the net.
Intellivision programming
Development kits, resources and informations for Intellivision videogame programming.
Maintenance and repair
Extend your Intellivision collection life thanks to our advices. Discover how to repair your console.
Image gallery
Intellivision products related image archives.
Even if you don't own a console, you can now (re)play all Intellivision videogames using one of the available emulators.

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