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The biggest game library on the market
In Year 1983 Intellivision become the game system with the largest game library around. This is due to the module System Changer that allow to play the majority of Atari VCS 2600 carts .
How do mattel develop this marvelous hardware? Prototyped with teh name "Portofino", the add-on is basically a real VCS 2600: the design is the same as Intellivision II lineup, but inside you find a processor 6507, a compatible audio / video chipset and the chip 6532.
The Master Component when using Atari carts is in charge only of power supply and RF modulation.
The System Changer is designed expressly for IntellivisionII: to use the module on Original console, a modification to the motherboard is needed . Mattel provided this service in its assistance centers.

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